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The Low Slope & Flat Roof Specialist
Fully Licensed And Insured Roofing Contractor In Rochester, NY

For more than 15 years, The Roof Saver Flat Roof Specialist has been serving the residential, commercial and industrial roofing sector of our community. We are a roofing company, which operates in the territory of Rochester, NY and its surrounding areas. Since 1998 we have been supplying the residents of our community with carefully tailored flat roofing services that cater their needs completely. The Roof Saver Flat Roof Specialist is the right roofing contractor if you look for high quality workmanship combined with affordable rates. Read more about us and our services or call us right away, the choice is yours to make!

Our roofing services include:

Flat Roof Repairs
Flat Roof Installations
Quality Materials (Firestone, Mule-hide, GAF and Carlisle)
Fully Licensed And Insured Roofing Contractor
More Than 15 Years Of Experience
Hundreds Of Satisfied Customers (some references available in the “testimonials” section)
An amazing crew!

We were worried that the roof of our commercial property had some leaks, so we called this company and asked them to check it up. Their crew came shortly after and fixed everything! Thank you so much, guys, you saved us from a lot of trouble!

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Face it! The property in which you reside is in one of the biggest investments you will ever make! That’s why a well-maintained and an intact roof system above your head is a must! It is crucial to look for a professional and experienced roofing contractors in cases such:

  • Leaky roof system;
  • Storm caused damage;
  • Poor roof repairs, performed by previous contractors;
  • Poor roofing installation;
  • Cracked surface;




In situations like this it is really important not to leave these matters in inexperienced hands. Inexperienced roofing contractors usually tend to cause more damage than they are supposed to fix which on the other hands affect you.

The Roof Saver Flat Roof Specialist
Address: 46 Round Creek Drive, Rochester, NY 14626
Phone: (585) 303-0734

Your expenses are increased, the whole structure of the roof is endangered and off course you have to waste more of your time in looking for another roofing company. It’s unfortunate but in our county not all roofing contractors are being created equally. What differ us for the other contractors are a couple of things: first it is probably the fact that in our roof repairs and installation services we use only materials of premium quality (Firestone, Mule-hide, Carlisle, Karnak and GAF); second it is our rich working experience and third but not last is our reputation of treating customers as family. We are well known throughout our area for the reliable and affordable roofing installation and repair services, that we have been offering for more than 15 years. All of our testimonials and references are available for you to check upon request.

Residential Roof.We have all the necessary expertise, knowledge and are always equipped with the right tools for each job. Regardless of your job demands or complexity, don’t worry because we got you covered. Our roofers are second to none! They are all skilled, factory trained individuals who are completely screened for your peace of mind. They are constantly prepared to offer you the exact services that cater your needs completely. Our roofers come with years, some even decades of experience in this industry and have performed a vast array of roof repairs and installations. This means that no job can scare them! There is virtually no roofing job in existence that can hinder our professional technicians. By choosing The Roof Saver Flat Roof Specialist you are not only ensuring the success of your projects but you are also placing your facility in renown and capable hands of a proven roofing contractor.

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Bringing more than 15 years of experience The Roof Saver Flat Roof Specialist is among the leading roofing companies which operates in the territory of our county. We will supply you with everything you want to know about your project – detailed estimate, accurate and competitive prices and off course many pairs of golden hands! Stop looking and start calling, since you have just found the people who will fulfill your needs on time, in budget and in the professional manner you expect. Give us a call and you won’t be disappointed!